Transportation Services Details:

We can pick up your beloved pet from your home or veterinary hospital 24/7, and bring them to our facility where they will be treated with care and respect.
Same day transportation from your home or vet clinic (no freezer storage).
A specially designed container for transportation and cremation. We use a special loading and unloading process that’s meant to be as humane as possible.
Transportation provided by our professional staff using our dedicated fleet of pet ambulances.
If you wish to bring your pet directly to our facility, as many owners do, our staff is here to assist you.
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Tracking Services

We assure dignified and ethical care of your loved one from beginning to end.
Clear and strict identification of each pet in our care from the time of pick up.
Numbered stainless steel ID tags are assigned and recorded in our computerized system for the purpose of accompanying your four-legged family member through the cremation process and to serve as a means of a permanent cremation identification of your pet.
Our tracking system for pets is exactly the same as is used for humans.

We take identification and tracking of your pet very seriously, that’s why we use state of the art, human cremation certified technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and confidence through every step from start to finish, same as in human funeral homes.

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Cremation Services

We offer several different options to accommodate your needs. If you have additional questions or would like to make arrangements, please call us at (855) 972-4626.
Private Cremation: your beloved pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber during the cremation process.
You can be present for your pet cremation if you so choose.
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Cremated Remains

Signatures and dates are required for the return of the cremains.
The remains of your loved one will be handled with love and care. You will receive: the cremains in an attractive wooden urn, or an urn of your choosing, a certificate of cremation signed by our staff that express our sympathy to you and your family, an impression of one of your pet’s paws in ink or clay if requested and the rainbow bridge poem.
We maintain the largest selection of cremation urns to fit any budget.
You can also share your loving memories of your pet on our free online memorial page in our website  as another way to reminisce and remember your loved one.
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Our Services

Welcome to the Resting Rainbow!

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We offer dignified services that honor just your pet.

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We provide an attractive wooden urn, impression of your pet paws, the rainbow bridge poem and a Certificate of Cremation.

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Use our facilities to hold a memorial wake and traditional funeral for your pet


Saying goodbye to a beloved animal is extremely difficult.

At Resting Rainbow, we understand just how hard it is. Our goal is to provide aftercare pet services that allow you to honor your pet’s life and put them to rest without pain, fear, or suffering. When you trust our experts, you can find peace of mind knowing that your pet is comfortable in their final moments.

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